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PureView, Inc. was founded in June 1997 with the goal of developing and deploying a content delivery platform which allowed for rapid service creation and deployment with the ability to interface to today's legacy systems as well as to tomorrow's emerging distributed standards.

The platform serves as a bridge between the data that drives today's enterprise applications and the devices from which access to that data is necessary. Combining the far reach of the web with the already founded telephone infrastructure and the steadily growing mobile coverage, the services deployed on.

Our distinctive approach to the technology world is characterized by a straight forward, common sense approach to helping our clients make timely decisions by providing the right technology platforms applicable to their specific requirements. We possess a wealth of operational, technological, legal and marketing experience that our client can take advantage of in order for us to help give them a competitive edge within their respective business environments.

Networking: Lan, Wan

Consulting: Design, evaluation, implementation, deployment

Infrastructure: Routers. Switches, Protocol Conversions, Protocol Tunneling, Virtual Network

Custom Built Systems: Servers, Workstations, Platforms

Storage Devices: Secure and Protection of equipment

Email Systems: Complete local and remote email systems, web based email solutions, email spoofing and redirection control

Website Development: Complete website development, hosting, maintenance, remote access, FTP, domain services, PHP and .NET

Anti-Virus Solutions: Small and large enterprise anti-virus solutions, Trojan and worm protection, management, email protection.

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